Staff Support

This year the PTA is offering membership to all teachers and instructional assistants for just $5.  This cost covers the Fairfax County, Virginia, and National PTA dues that the Poplar Tree PTA must pay on your behalf. Your PTA membership includes the following benefits and support.

  • Teacher Fund
  • Teacher Scholarships
  • Mini Grants
  • Teacher Wish List –- All teachers should complete a wish list and the information will be available here on the PTA website.
  • Please join using the online form only for registration.  There is an option to pay immediately by using PayPal or you may pay with cash or a check payable to the Poplar Tree PTA to the front office. Payment may also be made during Back-to-School nights and PTA meetings.

Teacher Fund

The Teacher Fund is available to assist a classroom or program to enrich the classroom experience with small and/or consumable items for your classroom. Some examples include: art supplies for a class project, supplies to support a classroom pet, small games or learning tools, supplies for a classroom experiment, treats for a class party.

  • Applicant must be a member of the PTA.
  • Limit shall be $100.00 per full-time teacher.
  • Classroom teachers and Instructional Assistants, including FECEP, Autism, Mod SD, and Specialists (Music, PE, GT, Art, Reading, LD, Counselors, Librarian, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech, Psychologist, Social Worker, and Clinic Aide) are eligible.
  • To receive reimbursement, teachers must submit receipts by March 1st.

Teachers should attach their receipts to the Teacher Fund/Request for Payment form and place it in the PTA box in the front office. It would be very helpful to the Treasurer if teachers submit all of their receipts for the total reimbursement at one time. If the teacher is not going to request the full $100.00, please indicate that on the form.

Teacher Fund Reimbursement Form

Staff Development Scholarships

The PTA has for many years offered scholarships to educators for continued professional development to improve the quality of education for Poplar Tree students.

The President and Treasurer are authorized to disburse Funds up to the amount approved in the PTA budget. The following conditions will be met before a payment to a Poplar Tree teacher is authorized:

  • Applications will be approved on a first come, first serve basis for not more than $100 per course/conference per teacher per year.
  • The PTA will Fund a maximum of two attendees per conference or course. Exception requests will be presented to the PTA board on a case by case basis by the President or her designated representative.
  • Applications should be routed through the Principal, who will then forward the application, with comments, to the PTA President or her designated representative.
  • The PTA President or her designated representative will return the approved application to the applicant.
  • The applicant must provide proof of payment and attendance along with the approved application to the PTA treasurer for reimbursement.

Staff Development Fund Application Form


PTA Mini-grants may include equipment, reference materials, educational games, speakers or supplies for hands-on experiences.  Priority is given to requests that are additions to permanent resource materials, items that support current school goals, and/or benefit a large number of students.  Whenever possible, grade level teams or curriculum committees are asked to collaborate on a grant request.  However, a single class or smaller group requests are seriously considered based on the value added to the classroom and need of the student(s).

Mini-Grant Process Letter

Mini-Grant Request Form

Teacher Appreciation

This form should be completed by teachers to identify their wish lists for personal items and the classroom.  All teachers should complete a wish list and it will be maintained here on the PTA website under Completed Teacher Wish Lists.  Please fill out a new wish list for each school year.

Please use the link below and input your wish list by 10/28/16 so we can post your preferences in time for the Holiday season.

Completed Teacher Wish Lists are listed below by the teachers’ last name.  If you don’t see your student’s teacher, ask them to fill out a wish list!